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The science of learning made simple.

We are the engine behind organisations and individuals who develop leaders every day.

We provide data collection and feedback tools for you to build skills that improve individual performance and team effectiveness.

Our services and technology make it possible to deliver personalised learning experiences at scale, at pace and at your convenience.


TalentDOC Engagement Features

When you engage the TalentDOC ecosystem you'll experience a secure, GDPR-ready set of tools and services that will allow your enterprise to take on even the most complex human resources and leadership challenges.

Reorient Your Learning

We make learning easy by designing our learning tools around the way people work and expect technology to work for them.

On Demand

Our mobile app gives you flexibility to use our tools anytime, anywhere whether it’s on the sofa, on your commute, on your job or even on the beach.

Branding Your Learning Experience

Expand your digital footprint without the cost or hassle. You decide the branded look & feel that best reflects your key messages.

Simplify Complex Workflows

Our automated data collection and assessment systems collect, analyse, process and distribute your assessments to reduce unnecessary touchpoints.

Administrative Workloads

Our self-service approach helps cut down administrative requirements so you may keep work more manageable and rewarding.

Access a Range of Resources

You decide which combination of our standard or custom instruments and tools (site, App, learning environment) are right for your needs and budget.


Our evidence-based leadership development tools and platform make leadership development affordable for small-to-medium size companies as well as large ones.

Easy to Use

We remove barriers to learning so you can freely learn, experiment, practice, measure, reflect and improve.

GDPR Crafted

Our systems and tools are designed to optimise your privacy and data security needs without making the experience feel burdensome.

Using TalentDOC

See how easy it is to put the power of feedback in your hands with TalentDOC

TalentDOC App Features


Targeted Responses


Secure Operation


Track And Measure Results


Intuitive design


Auto Notification Framework


Scales with Your Growth



of companies say it's important to develop leaders at all levels


of employees are actively engaged

– Gallup


of executives do not have a way to measure their self-perception


Get feedback from peers, clients and customers

– PwC


Who We Work With

We work with those who apply the science of organisational behaviour to large groups as well as individuals. Our work includes organisations, institutions, departments, teams and individuals who are interested in improving their executive behaviours and personal success.

How We Do It

We help you gather, analyse, track and measure learning and development performance and experience over time.

We offer custom and off-the-shelf questionnaires, tools and learning environments that reflect the complex needs of time-starved global professionals.

We use simple, contemporary technology and blend it with scientific expertise from the fields of learning, psychology, neurology, organizational behaviour and strategic talent management to help our customers bring professional development into their daily work and lives.

Individually, we help professionals take control of their career and achieve their potential based on their ambitions at each stage of their lives.

Organisationally, we help small, medium and large organisations activate their strategies by developing a true learning culture.

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The TalentDOC Team

Our Founders’ depth and breadth of expertise reflects the critical intersection that drives TalentDOC – research, technology, learning, education and business.


Dr. JoEllyn Prouty McLaren

Co-founder & CEO

JoEllyn is passionate about enabling organizations and the individuals inside them to achieve their potential. She is an edutech entrepreneur and practitioner and is deeply committed to the accelerating leadership development and diversity by using technology to harness the collective genius in organizations. JoEllyn’s work with Fortune 100 organizations has spanned the globe including North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Over the past 15 years, JoEllyn has developed leaders around the world as CEO, Cass Business School Executive Education; Managing Director EMEA, CorpU, Director of Executive Education, London Business School and Director EMBA Singapore, Chicago Booth.

EdD Learning, MSc Learning & Wharton Fellow (Univ of Pennsylvania) MBA (Chicago Booth) BA French and Foreign Service (Baylor University). JoEllyn is based in London.


Mani Obhrai

Co-founder & CTO

Mani Obhrai is a technical architect with a wealth of experience in online gaming. Having spent time working for schools and online gaming, Mani is a master at applying his range of technical skills to simplifying the complexities of the leadership development tools. His gaming expertise also gives him a unique perspective on user interface design.

Mani holds a BSc in Joint Maths and Computing from Imperial College London and is an avid learner. He lives in London.


Dr. Randall Peterson

Co-founder & CAO

Randall is Professor of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School and Academic Director of the Leadership Institute. Previously, he served as Deputy Dean (Faculty) and Subject Area Chair (Organisational Behaviour). As Professor of Organisational Behaviour at London Business School, he teaches Executive Education and MBA programmes on leading teams and organisations, high performance teams, leadership assessment, and interpersonal skill development. His current research activities include investigating: leading diverse teams, how CEO personality affects top management team interaction, leadership transitions in organisations, board effectiveness, conflict management in teams, and the effects of member personality on group interaction and performance.

BS MA (Minnesota) PhD Social Psychology (Berkeley) Randall is based in London.

Products and Services


Classic 360° Inventory

Automated delivery of the TalentSage Classic 360° or your own 360° assessment to solicit highly-specific feedback from supervisors, peers, and direct reports as well as a self-assessment. The 360° assessment helps improve awareness of an individual's strengths and weaknesses so individuals may take a targeted approach to their professional development through powerful comparisons of their self-perceptions to those with whom they work most closely.
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5 STeP Profile™

Take the first step to understanding your personality’s impact on your leadership efforts, using this automated, simplified personality profile designed to mimic the NEO (commonly referred to as the Big 5). The 5 STeP ProfileTM requires 40% less time than the NEO for your executives to complete while improving validity of results simultaneously. Understand your personality type on 5 core dimensions to improve self-awareness, performance and team dynamics
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Team Effectiveness

Improve your team’s performance by understanding the potential contribution of personality to the variance in team performance. Use our Classic 360° Inventory to explore the relationship between individual team members’ personality factors and their impact on team performance. Once understood, new strategies for team composition and/or personal development can be formulated and implemented.

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Learning Experience Feedback

Capture learner impressions using our scientifically qualified feedback to improve your learners' experiences. Let us do the work for you by collecting and analysing your course experience feedback.

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Employer Brand Gap

Creator of the concept of the Employer Brand Gap (2011), our employer brand survey helps you determine how aligned your organisation’s culture is with its promise. Although causes of perception or reality can vary, the impact remains the same: if your organisation does not keep its promises, people will leave or worse, stay yet be unengaged. Use our Employer Brand Gap Instrument to determine how far your employee experience is from the promise.
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Employee Engagement/

Organisational Climate Pulse

Gather a real-time snapshot of how your team or workforce is feeling to respond to any problems or issues affecting employee’s motivation to bring their all to work. Run as frequently or infrequently as your culture requires using our fully automated collection, analysis and reporting technology. Real value can be measured in terms of business outcomes.
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TalentDOC Ethos

Achieve. Learn. Thrive. Continuously.

We believe you don’t have to become an expert in learning to help others reach their potential. We apply the science of learning and statistics to the art of talent development. We add science and statistics to soft skills development and support those who do it.

  • Change is hard; so learning how to change has to be easier
  • The ability to learn and apply new skills is more critical than ever
  • There are many ways to learn
  • Evidence-based approaches are more effective
  • Data, tools, practice and feedback can help people develop to achieve their potential
  • Smart and successful people get support to make these changes
  • Everyone in the organisation deserves access to the best development opportunities


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